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I've heard it said, and I believe it to be true, that what we experience as young people can play an important role in the profession that we choose.

I became an attorney because I don't like bullies.  I, just like many people, have experienced the weight of being at the mercy of a bully.  I have learned over the course of many years of dealing with bullies two things: 1) they always look for vulnerable targets because the goal is to increase their power, and if that means taking yours then so be it; and 2) the only way to get your power back is to stand up to them. Unfortunately for us, two of the biggest bullies that we have in our public lives are the overwhelmingly powerful government and insurance companies. 

If you are dealing with this particular brand of bully, you need help and you need it fast.  Dealing with these folks is way too much for one person or even one family.  Give us a call today. You don't have to do this all by yourself.

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