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I have been practicing law for 17 years. I landed in Denver, Colorado at the tender age of two years old after my father left the army. I attended the University of Colorado at Denver and went on to attend Howard University School of Law. After I graduated, I clerked in the senior judge's chambers under the late great District of Columbia Superior Court Chief judge Eugene N. Hamilton.  I then worked at the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn, New York, as an assistant district attorney.


Insurance companies make lots of promises in those benign commercials.  If you didn't know any better, you might think that they are selling friendship and kindness and a little entertainment.  But these things are not what they are actually selling.  They are selling you insurance.  In essence, in exchange for your timely payment of insurance premiums, they will pay for the injury you have sustained, whether it be to your person or your property.  Unfortunately, it is not always that easy to get them to pay, that's when you should see us asap.

The United States Constitution also makes promises, lots of them, to protect the rights of its people in criminal prosecutions. Unfortunately, as hard as it is to hear, in order to secure those promises you should see an attorney. Many good people have suffered at the hands of this system unnecessarily. It should not be this way, but it's the reality. Please contact us.

Organizations and Memberships

Colorado Black Health Collaborative Board of Directors

Sam Cary Bar Association 

Trial Lawyers College 2009

Trial Lawyers College Faculty 2019

Commissioner Aurora Public Defenders Commission  


Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Board of Directors/Co-Chair of Case Assistance Committee


Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Co-Chair of Women Trial Lawyers Network

2022 to present

Attorney Jessica Jackson
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